since i started my company in 2012 i based on the belief that my customers’ needs are of the upmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs.That is why I  invested greatly in purchasing the latest in technology  on the current market that provides me with pure hot water. My aim and objective is to exceed your expectations and I am always looking for ways to improve the service I deliver to further benefit my customers. I am dedicated and capable of taking care of all your window cleaning requirements. I hold adequate insurance for the work I carry out and work within current health and safety guidelines.

Hot water window cleaning is not standard for most window cleaners

Did you know that the majority of window cleaners using purified water systems do not use hot water? Most don’t use it due to the expense involved in both the initial set up costs and ongoing heating costs. Even traditional window cleaners don’t use hot water. With so many people being out during the working day, the traditional window cleaner has problems getting a new bucket of hot water every couple of houses. So, cold water and detergent has become the norm for window cleaning these days.

My Pure water is transported using 2, 600 litre crash tested baffled tanks fitted into the back of my  2, sign written window cleaning vans. A van system allows me complete flexibility, wherever I need to go .

Purified water from the vans  tank is pumped through a boiler which can produce water temperatures between 42 – 75 degrees  dependent on individual requirements then it is pumped through a micro bore hose to a carbon fibre telescopic ‘water fed pole’.

Water flowing out the brush head first dampens the glass, making it easy to remove stubborn dirt and bird mess etc. The self cleaning brush then glides up and down to remove soiling from the glass and all the frame work inc the sills . No need to squeegee, a quick rinse and the glass and frames are then left to dry naturally.

Cleaning with hot water has a far better drying time and removal of stubborn dirt that gets baked on during hot weather or over time.This also allows me to work in all weather and all year round.

What can I expect?

The pure water left on the window and frames must be left to dry naturally. Don’t worry, this is normal. It may be a little disconcerting at first, since this is not what you may have been used to, but please be assured that the windows and frames will dry naturally, and once dry you will be no doubt impressed with the results.

Anyone who invests to this degree clearly treats cleaning windows in a professional manner and this will be reflected in the service you receive.

Currently cleaning windows up to a height of 65ft without having to use a set of ladders . Therefore complying with the latest HSE working at height regulations 2005.

I can provide window cleaning in the surrounding areas of Ashford Kent.