Residential Window Cleaning








From my service you will receive a window cleaning service of the highest possible order. My residential customers properties range from large country houses to studio apartments,  mid terraces to six bed detached and the conservatories I clean range from standard to marquee size

  1. You always know when I am coming – Each time I call I will post an invoice which gives you the due date for the next clean or you will receive a txt before we are due .
  2. make it easy for you to pay me – As most of my clients are out when I come to clean I have found that the most convenient method of payment is by bank transfer. This payment structure is more inline with modern living as you stay in control of your payments, and they eliminate the potential of the build up of payments. Each invoice you receive has all my banking details for you to make a convenient easy transfer.

Improved access

I can reach with ease previously inaccessible aspects of your property such as third floor windows, Dormer windows, velux windows, conservatory roofs, windows above the conservatory or sloping roofs and other windows that previously had to be left for safety reasons.

Reduced disturbance

Although I do my best to keep disturbance to a minimum, ladder use causes some inevitable disturbance. eg. Rattling of the metal, dents in your lawn etc. These problems are avoided with the use of water fed poles.

Your privacy

Privacy is taken care of as well. While using an upper room i.e. bedrooms, bathrooms and changing areas the last thing you want is a window cleaners head popping over the window sill. With my high reach pole system, I remain on the ground thus avoiding any embarrassment for you or myself. I hope you will enjoy the benefits of this cleaning method just as much as I have.


Enviromental advantages are realised too. Pure water is exactly that (with no added chemicals as found in detergents). No danger to your delicate plants, animals and most of all you and your family. The majority of the 180,000 window cleaners in the UK are still using detergents to clean windows, with a potential use of up to half a kilo of detergent in a day. Imagine all that detergent returning to the ground and polluting the water table. Pure water use is the only choice for the environmentalist and those who genuinely care about our planet.

Reliable, regular, friendly, trustworthy, consistent, courteous are just some of the words my current customers use to describe me and my work. You can be confident that I will always do my best to cater for all my customers needs and individual requirements.


Please note sometimes it can take two or three cleans before your windows are spotless. After your first few cleans some streaks or water spots may be left on the glass. This is because it can take a while to remove all detergents and films from the glass and frames. Please don’t be too concerned as within a short time your windows will be perfectly clean.