Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning with pure hot water

The majority of conservatory roof cleaning only needs to be done on a six month interval, but really it is down to the customer and their own personal preference.This can be carried out from ground level with telescopic poles fully extended with an attached water feed. The water fed pole pure hot water system will shift most of the dirt although stubborn stains may need to be gently scrubbed before rinsing in clean water.


 You will need to be more careful cleaning a polycarbonate roof than a glass one. Common household cleaners can damage the chemical coatings the manufacturer may have applied to shield it from the UV rays.

What are the advantages of having your Conservatory cleaned with poles?

There are many. As already discussed, your frames and sills are cleaned as well as the glass every time you have a clean. The Glass & UPVC stays cleaner longer due to having no washing liquid residue or chemicals etc left in the frames. The system also works brilliantly in the rain enabling regular cleaning all year round, keeping your Conservatory in Tip Top condition!

When I clean your conservatory I can either

Clean the whole conservatory which includes the following

  • Roof frame
  • Roof Glass
  • Guttering inside & outside
  • Window Glass
  • Window frames
  • Doors
  • Window & door sills
  • Down pipes
  • Any panels or cladding

Or on a regular clean with your windows I can include all the above excluding

  • Roof frame
  • Roof glass
  • Gutters inside

 I can clean windows above the conservatory your old window cleaner can not get access too