Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning – an affordable solution

Sparkles has invested in the latest in gutter cleaning technology!

Get your gutters cleaned…

If blocked gutters are left too long it can cause serious water damage to your property, encouraging mould growth and damp. The end result could potentially be costly to repair.

Get your gutters functioning properly, leading the water away from your property and ultimately protecting your property.

  1. All types of guttering cleaned

From modern plastic moulded systems to cast iron, pressed and formed steel gutters as well as smaller conservatory and greenhouse ducting can be cleared.

  1. No access platforms, ladders or scaffolding required

The system uses a high tech wet and dry vacuuming process operated from the ground. There are no extended set up times for access and no height working health and safety issues. Using CCTV cameras I Constantly monitor what I am doing.

  1. Access to areas where ladders cannot reach

A key benefit of my ground based system, over and above safety, is that I can clean gutters in difficult access areas where ladders cannot reach (my equipment extends comfortably to three storeys). The only alternative would be to use expensive hydraulic platforms or expensive and time-consuming scaffolding.

My gutter cleaning process deals with all kinds of collected debris:

Leaves, including wet and compacted leaves

Plant debris, accumulated moss and grass

Birds nests and accumulated bird droppings

Brick and roof tile debris

The self contained, ground based nature of my gutter cleaning service makes it a very cost effective solution to maintaining your guttering.