Solar Panels

Solar panels can suffer from reduced performance as dirt builds up on the glass surface preventing the panels from absorbing sunshine to full potential.

Although panels generally require little maintenance if they are not kept clean they will fail to generate the financial return anticipated.

Some manufacturers and installers may state as part of their warranty agreement that solar panels are regularly cleaned to avoid damage or premature panel failure.

How do you clean solar panels?

As recommended by the energy saving trust I use the same ‘water fed pole’ system to clean solar panels that I use daily to clean windows. This chemical free system utilizes laboratory grade purified water alongside specialized soft bristled brushes to remove bird droppings, dust and tree debris etc without the risk of panel damage.

Unlike cleaning solutions or detergents purified water will not leave a sticky residue behind that will attract dirt, therefore solar panels will noticeably stay cleaner for longer.

Most solar panels can be reached from the safety of the ground as my ‘water fed poles’ can reach up to 65ft.

How often should solar panels be cleaned?

It is recommended by manufacturers and installers to have solar panels cleaned at least every six months to maintain maximum efficiency. 

How much does it cost?

There are a number of factors that can vary the cost of solar panel cleaning, frequency, site access and the size of the installation.

Typically customers that have their solar panels cleaned regularly will see a financial reward that will far outweigh the cost of cleaning.